Saturday, 21 March 2009

"Joe Joe Laaa...

...why did he say he was on a boat?"

Cutest thing in the whole wide world? Yuki Chen.

Yuki likes to buy things that have absolutely no purpose other than cuteness. When I asked Joe (as seen above) what to get Yuki (also seen above...hence why I added the picture) for her birthday, his response was, "Something cute." Yes Joe, but what function should it have? "The less functional, the better." La.

Yuki is the instigator of La, that wonderful Cantonese word thrown in at the end of random sentences, vaguely similar to "eh?". But it's less of a question and unquestionably more adorable, specifically when it comes from Yuki. Yuki could make the word 'genitalia' sound adorable. In fact, she did.

Last night Kaare, Carly and I wanted to borrow a movie called Pirates (yes, that one) from Joe. We had spent most of the night watching art-house porn which, it turns out, is much more disturbing than you'd think and we were overwhelmed, so the hunt for regular porn began. Through a series of lazy events, we ended up at Joe and Yuki's apartment dressed only in sarongs. Well...Kaare wore a t-shirt and I wore some pants, but there definitely wasn't underwear involved. Carly was wearing all her clothes. She's more industrious.

Upon arrival, Kaare decided that he needed to share some wonderful youtube discoveries with Joe. One is called "I'm on a Boat" and is from those wonderful Lonely Island guys! Check it...

This video spawned the opening comment of my blog today.

The next video, called "Show Me Your Genitals" needed a bit of a definition. It was eventually defined as "that thing of Kaare's which is only seperated from your chair at this moment by a thin layer of fabric". I think she may have bleached the chair after we left.

Needless to say, we eventually forgot the porn there and went home to watch a Chinese movie involving a horse penis transplant, a Buddhist master and a flute. Yuki suggested the movie.

If you don't know Yuki, you need to. She's probably one of the coolest people I know.


Quote of the Day:

Actually not from Kaare for once. Amazing, no?

"I need to be less professional so I have time to get in more fights."



Martin Gaal said...

The 'la' thing seems to be general Chinese trait as my Manadrin speaking students in Taiwan said the same thing.

BTW, "I am on a boat" is so ridiculous. I love it! Maybe I will give SNL a watch again.

Lana said...

I think "I'm on a boat" tops "Jizz in my Pants".

Though they're both pretty amazing. The group actually has an entire album you can buy*download.. :)

Martin Gaal said...

If you like "on a boat" (which was the theme of our internatioanl dinner this year) Check out the video Dildo which is sung to the tune of 'slinky':