Saturday, 28 February 2009

You Know What They Say...

...when it rains, the air conditioning breaks. Or some such other absurdity.

We're on the fast track to rainy season here in Guangzhou. Apart from literally months of rain, here's what this means for me:

1. I am about to spend a small fortune in umbrellas that will immediately be destroyed by hurricane force winds. If I don't buy them, the wind won't blow and I'll be soaked. This is China.

2. If the streets flood, I'll probably get cholera. There's no way that the Pearl River isn't swarming with at least eight different kinds of venereal diseases.

3. Humidity. Polluted humidity. My sheets are damp and dirty and not for any rewarding reason.

4. My brand new and highly magnificent camera is close to useless because it needs sunlight. My pictures tend to look like grey crap. Fortunately, God invented something called "Adobe Lightroom" which allows me to twiddle with my pictures post-developing. (This is what we call subliminal advertising.)

5. I have recently started to climb. That's right, after years spent at the CRUX and the crags, watching and supporting others, I've actually started to do it myself. And the climbing walls in Guangzhou are all outdoors. Guess what this means for me...

I would complain about the lack of blue sky lately, but it seems a bit redundant. I would complain about the lack of pollution filled orange sky, but I don't really miss it. I do miss sunlight though. And cheese, oh yes, cheese. I know that's not really applicable, but Lordy I miss cheese...(*insert gurgling sound*)

If I sound a tad bitter at the moment, it's because our air conditioning at work is broken. I have been covered in a fine layer of dampness all day. In fact, I've been moist all day. And I really hate that word...

Quote of the Day:

"There's nothing better than a screaming, scared Cantonese girl on a rope."

-- Kaare on Yuki climbing

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FollowTheElephant said...

Yuki went climbing? That's the best mental image I've had in weeks!